About Us

Management Team

Justin Moran is the Chief Executive Officer of Reversible Wheelchair Corporation.  He did an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in Ireland.  Justin moved to the United States and continued working as a toolmaker in the manufacturing environment for 26 years.  During this time he attended college and studied HVAC and Business Management.

Dr. Alan Moran is co-owner of the Reversible Wheelchair patent. Alan earned his Doctorate at UCD Dublin, Ireland and has owned and run a general practice for 25 years.  He is a member of the Royal Collage of General Practitioners and a Fellow of the Society of Orthopedic Medicine. He is a G.P. trainer for the HSE North East training scheme and a GP trainer for the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin Ireland. He is a contributor to the Irish College of GP’s journal on pain management. He is also a writer with the Irish Medical News and a motoring correspondent. Alan is well known and respected in career.

Fran Cesarone is responsible for marketing. Fran has a BS in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Illinois.  She has over 25 years of experience and has been employed by and consulted for a number of start-up companies.  As the marketing lead in various organizations, her experience includes internal and external marketing and supporting efforts related to the acquisition of capital.  In more recent years, Fran has had active involvement with BayBio, a professional association serving members of the biotechnology and medical device industry.

Eric Luna is a consultant to the company, advising in the area of design and usability.  He has firsthand experience with wheelchairs being that he has required the use of a wheelchair for the last 24 years.  The Reversible Wheelchair was designed based upon Eric’s input regarding how other wheelchairs fail to perform for their users.